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1999 - Part 1

January 1910 to January 1999

After 89 years I have decided that the old sim just doesn't cut it any more!

April - May

Floor base framework being assembled and welded. This is being built to add motion rams at a later date.
Horizontal supports are also visible.


The floor base has finally flown up to its resting place.. All the white side panels remove for easy access below floor level.
It took 6 men and a forklift to safely lift the simulator base from the workshop floor to the mezzanine.
The current weight of the simulator is 240Kg the final product should be about 1500Kg


The vertical support cut and welded ready to be mounted on to the horizontal support.

The Vertical supports are now in place. The removable floor panels will covered with a thin sheet of colorbond steel to add some extra strength. 10 of the panels are removable for access below the floor on completion.


The cost of the Instructors Station frame was one drill through my thumb cutting myself 5 times! But the frame for the instructors station is now complete. The Black and Yellow Chevron anti slip tape is at the door entry and each side of the nose, these are hard points that can be walked on to service the front windows when installed.
All of the 0.5mm colorbond steel has been attached to the floor.

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