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News and Pictures
1999 - Part 2


Look real close and you can see the roof on the instructors station and the main nose ribs, attached ahead of schedule.

A better shot of the ribs and lower window sill. This was the hardest part of the construction so far. It is starting to take shape and look like the front of a 747-400.
One of my staff wanted to know why I was building an "ARK" Looks like rain outside!!!!

Here are some shots of the nose rib connection and the completed roof section ready for installation.

The completed frame work of the 747-400 Simulator. The external skinning of the instructors station is also completed, the rear door and lock will go on shortly.
Notice the Red light above the rear door to indicate simulator in use "No Entry".

You can see the rails inside with the rags attached, these rails will hold the overhead panel of the 747-400

October - November

Have you ever tried to attach a flat piece of steel to a curved surface without it getting big buckles and creases in It? I have! and I hope I never have to do it again. The surface is white, but will eventually be painted in a Flat Black as will all the external surfaces facing foreword from the instructors station, to stop reflection when the visual system is installed.

It is always the way! The thing that you think would be the easiest part of the sim to build, becomes the hardest. It has taken about 30 hours just to construct and mount the rear entry door, including lock and trimming. Sure I could have made it much simpler, but is that what a real simulator manufacturer would do? The internal trimming is removable with a Philip's head screw driver, and will be removed and painted in a "Parchment Beige" interior colour as soon as I install the other Instructor station interior walls. The door also has seals installed to stop any light from entering the simulator.


The Simulator With Attitude. . . The sime has now got the flat black stealth look. This will help to stop any reflections from the visual system. I have had a look in a real 747-400 sim and this is how they do it as well.