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News and Pictures
From 2000


The overhead panel framework is now complete. I believe that we are still within 10mm of the real thing.
The overhead panel will include the Circuit Breaker and Maintenance panels.
You can also see the start of the Instructor Console framework which will house two screens and a pullout worktable.


The welding of all the window side and front support brackets for the window glass and the interior removable panes has been completed.
You can also see the internal roof lining support brackets.

Shots of the window frames. The front panel above the windows took a day alone to construct.
The overspray on the roof is not important as it will not be seen when the roof lining is in place.
Working in the sim without the windows was a lot cooler in the hot summer months.


Some more of the interior panels have been manufactured and the trial overhead panels have been mounted.
The fluro lights have been added over the instructors station.
The Maintenance panels still need to be engraved and backlit. Each panel can be removed as in the real aircraft.


The fake overhead panels have been installed. Each panel can be removed independently as per the real aircraft.
The fake panels will be used until the real panels are constructed to replace them one at a time.
The circuit breaker panels are now installed with more circuit breakers to come. They are hinged and drop down for servicing.
The engraved backlit name plate will be installed later.

October 26


The finished controls were linked to the EPIC and the sim had its first test flight.
The overhead and map lights also work as do the trim switches and the autopilot disconnect switches on the yoke.