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2001 - Part 1


Constuction starts on the Centre Pedestal.


The structure of the centre pedestal is nearing completion. There is an access hatch on the side.


The Throttles are installed in the centre pedestal and the remaing area has been covered with blank plates to accept radios etc. in the future.


A test rig has been set up for the EPIC wiring and software work.
All the electronics have been removed from the Sim for final interior welding.
The Throttles are now installed and are being wired up.


The Throttle Quadrant is now complete and the centre pedestal is installed.
It contains working Auto Throttles, flaps, spoilers (with motor) and Parking Brake.
There are fake CDU panels installed until the real CDU's arrive.


The internal framework for the instructors station is nearing completion.

All the air-conditioning pipes are now installed.
The main frame to support the forward panel is nearly completed.

The Command Flightware MCP, complete with backlighting, has been installed.