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News and Pictures from 2003


Whilst there are no pictures, a great deal of work was done in March.

  • Steering tillers have now been connected up and the software modified to get them working.
  • The Fire Warning Lights have now been connected.
  • The MCP software interface has been re-written.
  • Programming has been added for the Seat belt and No smoking signs switches.
  • Rudder and Aileron is now ative.
  • More improved Vibration in the simulator by the addition of more shaker speakers.
  • Started work on rewriting the spoilers and auto throttles code.
  • New Radio panels being desgined
  • New Overhead panels being designed.


Again no pictures, but even more progress has been made on the software side.

  • Added a new pushback utility that interacts with PS13 to have total control over pushback sequence.
  • Software being finalised to control all the overhead switches.
  • Autobrake switch now activated.
  • New software to control Throttle movements, we can now use manual throttles for landing.
  • Autopilot lights now fully operational


The Auto Throttles have been completed.

Click the image above to download the video.


  • A new Autothrottle Motor and Gear box have been added to handle more abuse. It now has a 70watt 936:1 gear box with a slip clutch, so if any heavy handed pilots get excited and throw the throttles back they will not break the gear box.
  • A Spoiler motor gearbox combination has been installed.
  • All the overhead Rotary switches have been installed.
  • A new infra red camera has been added to the back wall of the sim.