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News and Pictures from 2005


After a long break, the installation of the motion system continues.
The pump room begins to take shape. The walls will be sheeted with Gyprock and insulated to help contain the heat and noise.
A window will also be placed in the wall.


And now it is a room with a view.
The walls are being filled and sanded smooth ready for painting.


The painting has been completed and the 3 phase power connected. Note the isolation switch on the wall behind the pump motor.


A close up view of the pump motor, the pipe work and also the radiators used to cool the hydraulic fluid.


It was a momentus day today. After a few days of trying we finally got the motion system working.
Below are a couple of video's of the Motion Platform in operation.

Video 1:
Platform in Heave Test Mode (300k)

Video 2:
Platform in Roll and Pitch Test Mode (250k)

Video 3:
Platform in High Frequency Heave Test (200k)

Video 4:
Platform in Pitch Test (270k)
Video 5:
Platform in Roll Test (360k)
Video 6:
Platform in High Frequency Pitch and Roll Test (230k)

Video 7:
Platform in Settle Mode (540k)

Video 8:
All Videos in One. (2.5mb)



We need three computers to test the motion system!
All three are now in place and ready for the software to be loaded and testing to commence.


The Maintenance panel was constructed some time ago, but the labels were never installed.


With the labels having been printed, it was time to remove the existing panels and put the labels on.


We also took the opportunity to wire the lights up on the maintenance panel as well.
All that work for a couple of lights that do nothing more than look pretty. . .


The Overhead Panels from Peter Cos of Flightdeck Solutions arrived today.
The easy part will be to put the jigsaw puzzle of pieces together. The hard part will be to wire it all up!