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2006 - Part 1


PS1 will never be the same again.
After a much work by many people, the Motion System is finally taking data from PS1

Below is a short video of the first landing with motion.

Hint: You are looking at the front of the aircraft.

The first landing
(4 meg)


It was decided that the best way to test the motion was to sit on the platform.
So, a test rig has been constructed and installed on the platform.


The First Flight!

At last, after months of testing and tweaking, Matt finally gets taken for a ride.

The first of many days to be spent testing and tweaking the platform to get it right.


The Dismantling Begins

Now that the motion platform has been proven, it's time to mount the sim on it.

The first step is to strip the sim and move it out of the way so the mezanine level can be dismantled.

Quite a different view!

Just prior to being moved. Note the centre console has been removed as well.


The Big Move

With the sim stripped, it was time to move it off the mezanine level so that it could be dismantled.

A large forklift provided the effort to move the sim.


The Dismantling Continues

The mezanine level is being dismantled to make room for the simulator to be mounted on the Motion Base.

It looks so small!


Construction begins again

The motion base has been turned around and a frame attached to check the limits of the sim.

The Centre Console is also being overhauled with new Fuel Cut-Off switches and working trim indicators.


A New Home

The simulator has been bolted to the Motion Platform. The yellow posts at each corner have been made to ensure the platform doesn't move during maintenance.