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2006 - Part 2


Testing Begins

With the platform bolted to the motion base, the base was let loose in test mode.

Below are two short videos of the Simulator in action.
(Each Video 700K)


With the addition of motion, the Observers seat needed to be fixed down. An old 737 Jump Seat was modified and the quick release mounting installed.

The finished Jump Seat


A set of steps is being built to allow access to the sim. The steps will also house the air conditioning unit.

The rack that will house the computers and power supplies has been completed.

Work continues on wiring up the Overhead Panels.


The finished stairs complete with Air Conditioner

The old overhead mounting brackets have been removed ready for the new Dzus rail overhead frame.

The new overhead panel Dzus frame being painted prior to installation.

By far the most complex part of the overhead panels has been the Start Switches.
You can see the plungers that will attach to relays to retract the Start Switches.
About 4 days work went into this panel alone.

Rainbow Spaghetti.


The finished and populated Computer Rack.

The cables linking the Sim to the Computer Rack

Despite the chaos, there is some order to the mess

The First completed Overhead Column

All the rainbow cables are connected to the Sim Boards in ceiling


The Completed overhead panel. All that remains now is to get the software working.
The Fire Handles will be installed at a later point in time.

The completed Instructor Station. Note the video phone for talking to people outside the sim while the motion is turned on.
Construction begins on the Projector Mount
The completed project mount and screen framework.
A close-up of the projector, mounted upside down. In this shot, the front mirror is still closed.
A side view of the screen and project mounting framework