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Centre Console

The centre console was constructed to allow it to be removed from the sim for servicing.

The throttles were obtained from a 747-100 and required some modifications to look and operate like 747-400 throttles.
The reverses and switchpacks needed to be changed and the engineers throttles removed.

The Autothrottle and TOGA buttons have been modified and installed into the switch packs.
The reverser leavers have been modified.
The first type of motor and gearbox have been mounted in these pictures. This motor and gearbox was not sufficient to handle the forces and was later changed.


The pictures below show the motor and gearbox installation, chain tensioner, flap selector micro switches, throttle pots and linkages, speedbrake motor and gearbox.

The completed installation for the throttles, speedbrake handle, parking brake, engine cut-off switches and flap handle.
You will notice that the remainder of the centre console has fake panels. These will be replaces as the correct panels are obtained.

The Fuel Cut-Off switches were replaced in August 2006 with stronger switches.