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Flight Controls

The control yokes for the 707, 727, 737 and 747 are all but identical. As such, a pair of old 737 yokes were sourced for this project.
Here you see them as they arrived and before they were converted along with the control columns.

Constuction begins on the control column installation.
You can see the springs on the crossbeams that will return the control column to the centre.
All controls and linkages are designed to be removed for servicing at a later date.
The white things mounted about half way up the control columns are the stick shakers.

The pictures below show the hydraulic dampening system that has been installed.
The left picture shows the Aileron (Left/Right) and Elevator (Front/Back) )dampening pistions.
The other pictures show the filling points, restrictor valves and other plumbing.
The system is totally adjustable to the heavy Boeing feel can be fine tuned.

The control yokes nearing completion.

The following pictures show the start of constuction of the rudder pedal assembly.

The following pictures show the completed rudder assembly. There is over 300 hours work in the rudder pedals.
The pedal are adjustable fore and aft. The polished alloy plates will form the base of the footwell when they are constructed.
The pedals are hydraulically damped and self centering. The toe brakes also function.