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Overhead Panel

Pictures of the overhead panel frame being constructed.

The Overhead Panel circuit breaker boards.

The overhead panel with the templates ready for the correct panels.

The first overhead panel for the IRS.


A closer look at the Maintenance Panel, complete with labels and working lights.


The Overhead Panels from Peter Cos of Flightdeck Solutions have been used
The easy part was to put the jigsaw puzzle of pieces together. The hard part will be to wire it all up!


The old overhead mounting brackets have been removed ready for the new Dzus rail overhead frame.

The new overhead panel Dzus frame being painted prior to installation.

By far the most complex part of the overhead panels has been the Start Switches.
You can see the plungers that will attach to relays to retract the Start Switches.
About 4 days work went into this panel alone.

Rainbow Spaghetti.

Despite the chaos, there is some order to the mess

The First completed Overhead Column

All the rainbow cables are connected to the Sim Boards in ceiling

In August 2009, the Overhead was removed from the Simulator to be overhauled

The Overhead Panel was set up on a bench for testing

Some small repairs were made to correct wiring problems in the Overhead Panel

The Overhead Panel and the Simboards were tested

A final test prior to the Overhead Panel being reinstalled

All the amber and white lights were now working together - The next challenge was the software