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The seats used in the simulator are powered 747-100 seats, complete with seat rails.
These are the seats as they arrived in May 2000.

Here are the seats just sitting in the simulator for an idea what they will look like.

The process of converting the seats to match the 747-400 is shown below.
The process was fairly simple with the seat frames being re-painted.

The seat rails have been installed and allow for travel forward, back and to the side for easy entry when the centre pedestal is installed.
The seats are electric and will be wired.

New Lambswool seat covers with beige trim were made and the armrests changed from black to dark brown.
The completed seats awaiting installation.


With the addition of motion, the Observers seat needed to be fixed down. An old 737 Jump Seat was modified and the quick release mounting installed.

The finished Jump Seat