747 Flight Simulator Project

My name is Matthew Sheil and I have acquired real parts to build a 747-400 flight simulator. This website is the story of how it comes together.

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In 1998 I began the design and construction of my 747-400 simulator.

In 2006 the Simulator became a Full Motion simulator with the commissioning of the McFadden Motion Platform.

The approximate size of the simulator is 13ft wide x 11ft long and 9ft high.
It will include every switch and panel in the 747-400.
In October 2009, a new visual system was added that uses 3 projectors and SOL7 software to project the cockpit view onto a full wrap around screen.

The main software running the simulator is Precision Simulator by Aerowinx and Hardy Heinlin.


The simulator is based in Sydney, Australia.

If you have any skills or knowledge that you can share, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..