PSX Navdata 2003 (Download)

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Precision Simulator has been, and will be, used by professional customers like universities, schools, airlines etc. For this reason, Navigraph and Aerosoft cannot provide data to PSX as they are not authorized by their suppliers to sell data to professional customers, especially not at entertainment mass market prices. Therefore this service here is independent of the others, and the plan is to provide a database update to PSX users once per year (using the March cycle) to keep the costs as low as possible.

The database is used by the following components in Precision Simulator:
- Flight Management System
- EGPWS landing-short-of-runway alert (TCF)
- Navaid stations and receivers
- Airport communication radios and receivers
- Voice-ATC and CPDLC simulation
- Voice-ATIS and D-ATIS
- METAR management
- Instructor maps
- Instructor Analysis pages
- Instructor aircraft repositioning tools
- Scenery generator (runways, gates, airport beacons)

System requirement:
Precision Simulator update 10.0.2 or higher: the latest update can be
downloaded free of charge.

Database installation:
Don't unzip the downloaded file. Just copy the zip file to the (empty) subfolder
Aerowinx/Navigation/-New and restart Precision Simulator. That's all. If you use multiple computers in a local Precision Simulator network, install the file in the same way also on those computers. With one purchased download you are allowed to use up to four database copies within your local network.

Check your new AIRAC cycle number in Precision Simulator:
When the new database is installed, the cycle number "2003" is displayed on the Instructor screen under About/Quit (refer to page 93 of the manual). Ignore the cycle dates on the FMC IDENT page! Those are simulated cycle dates and vary with the simulated time of the year (refer to page 346); they are intended for FMS training only, and don't refer to the physically installed cycle.