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The Largest Truck Accessories Company In Australia!
The Largest Truck Accessories Company In Australia!


Shipping Information

As Hy-Way Truck Accessories has stores located all over Australia as well and stocks items of all weights and sizes, organising your goods to be delivered to you can be a challenge. To help us get your order to you in a timely and safe manner without forcing you to pay more then you need to please read what the following shipping options that are available so we can speed up the dispatch process and send your goods to you faster. Please note that if you have selected the wrong option or if we can ship to you for a better price and/or method, our store staff will get in contact with you to inform you of any changes.


Metro Shipping
This option is for any customer purchasing goods within one of the cities that a Hy-Way Truck Accessories store is located. Normally only taking a day for the goods to reach you, this method is both fast and conveniant.


For those who do not live inside a city with a Hy-Way Truck Accessories store within it. Small orders, normally not over 3kg, can be sent to you in a small airbag. Taking only a day or two to get to you for roughly the same amount you pay for metro shipping this is great for quickly getting a few items that your truck may be missing. Please note airbags cannot be delivered to P.O. Boxes and thus will be sent via express postage instead.


Large orders and/or bulky item orders for customers that live outside of any city Hy-Way Truck Accessories stores are located. While it may take a bit longer than other shipping methods, the advantage of this option is that we can ensure your goods are adequately protected for the trip. This can hold up to 20kg of goods.


Bulky Goods
If an order or its contents are too big for regular shipping then an oversize surcharge will be added to the order to cover this cost. This payment will be covered when this option is selected at checkout. This being the most expensive shipping method we offer, it is prudent to ensure that there are no other shipping options open other than Pickup or Organised Shipping so overcharging does not take place.


Dangerous Goods    
Some of the products that are listed on this website are classified as Dangerous Goods and cannot be shipped via regular couriers. Thus these items must be picked up at your closest branch after selecting Pickup (Infomation on this shipping method can be found below) as your shipping method on checkout. For more information about Dangerous Goods and the Laws containing to their transportation can be found here.


Going to be near or visiting a Hy-Way Truck Accessories store soon? Then by picking this option and selecting your store we can be sure to have your order ready for you when you to come in and get it - free of charge of course.


As always if you have any further questions about the above shipping methods please don't hesitate to contact us.